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Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Christine Hanczaryk is a second generation chiropractor who found the passion for chiropractic at a very early age. Dr. Hanczaryk attended the University of Michigan studying Biology and Chemistry for her undergraduate education prior to attaining her Doctorate from Life Chiropractic College West. She is currently undergoing post graduate studies at the Carrick Institute of Neurology. Dr. Hanczaryk specializes in neurological based conditions, children, and Gonstead full spine technique. She also works with essential tremor support group.
Dr. Hanczaryk is currently Board Certified and taking continuing education classes annually. Dr. Hanczaryk is dedicated to learning the most advanced ways to make you well, and to help you reach your maximum health potential.

Dedicated to learning the most advanced ways to make you well

"All my life I have always thrived on education, this is why I continue to gain knowledge of the most modern techniques that will keep me on the cutting edge of chiropractic, to provide the most effective treatments."

A Lifelong commitment to education

  • University of Michigan
  • Life Chiropractic College West
  • National Board Certified
  • Currently enrolled at the Carrick Institute of Neurology
  • Continuing education classes taken annually
  • Gonstead advanced studies
  • Works with essential tremor support group

Reach your maximum health potential

"Every human on this planet has the innate ability or the ability from within to be functioning at their optimal potential, and I have dedicated my services as a chiropractor to serve the community so everyone is living a happier, healthier life."


Dr. Micheil Hanczaryk

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President and CEO of Bristol Chiropractic Centre, P.C., and Strategic Operating Systems

Dr. Hanczaryk founded Bristol Chiropractic Centre, P.C. in 1977. He is a Flint native, and a graduate of the University of Michigan. Dr. Hanczaryk received his Doctorate from Palmer Chiropractic University graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1976. His post-graduate studies include University of Michigan, Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic, Erhardt Roentenological Studies, Parker Resource Foundation, along with certification in Paraspinal Surface Electromyography.

Dr. Hanczaryk was featured in Parker Resource Foundation Profiles and was awarded the Chiropractor of the Year award. He is one of the most sought after speakers in the chiropractic profession, an author of numerous published chiropractic articles, and co-author of three books including Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul. Dr. Hanczaryk belongs to many organizations including the A.C.A., M.A.C., and is the chairman of the prestigious Chiropractic Knights of the Round Table.

A Lifelong Commitment to education...

"With so many advancements being made each year in chiropractic, I don't think my education will ever end. I plan to continually take classes to learn the latest ways to soothe your pain."

Graduate: B.A University of Michigan, D.C., Palmer College of Chiropractic

Continuing Education Classes taken annually

Working with others to find the best ways to care for you...

"Having a team of professionals on your side is of great importance. When we get together, we discuss which treatments we've found most effective. So when you come to me, you won't jsut get the expertise of one chiropractor. You will benefit from the shared knowledge of our team."

Past District 4 President and Board Member:
Michigan Chiropractic Society
Board Certified: Surface EMG
Member: American Chiropractic Society
Michigan Association of Chiropractors
International Chiropractic Association

Using his expertise to help people around the world

"I believe it's important to share what I've learned. My articles, lectures, videos, classes, and consultations give me the opportunity to help people in other communities live to the fullest. I think that's the whole point of healthcare."

United States and Canada Chiropractic Management Consultant
Instructor: Parker Chiropractic Resource Foundation
Lecturer: Over 5,000 lectures given on a variety of key topics
Coauthor: Seven Steps to Success, Volumes 1and 2
Author: Several professional journal articles, Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul contributing story "You're No Doctor"
Producer/Director: More than 25 chiropractic training videos.
One of only six chiropractors featured in the publication "Profiles: An Invitation to Success"

Honored by the professional community

"Being honored by other professionals is exciting. It shows that they truly value my work and my contribution to the chiropractic profession."

Voted Chiropractor of the year: Parker Chiropractic Research Foundation, 1985
Member: Chiropractic Knights of the Roundtable
One of only six chiropractors featured in the publication
"Profiles: An Invitation to Success"

Donating his time to help end America's back and neck pain

"There are thousands of people around the country who face terrible pain everyday. I want to do my part to help them feel good again. That's why I'm actively involved in these important national groups."

Member: National Posture Week Chairman
National Ski Patrol
Scoliosis Committee

Dr  Angela Cherniawski

Dr. Angela Cherniawski

Dr. Angela Cherniawski has been providing patients with exceptional chiropractic care for 15 years. She has recently become a resident of Grand Blanc after moving from Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Cherniawski is a mother of 2 children. She loves to spend her spare time with her family. The HCNG staff is ecstatic to have her on board as a HCNG doctor!